Why is Child Abuse Sometimes Acceptable?

I have mentioned before how I am fascinated with Cognitive Dissonance and how facts and indisputable evidence wont change people’s minds. It is a topic that has been well-studied by scientific experiments over the years and the conclusion that could be drawn is that Humans are not yet at a stage of our development where our brains can differentiate between fact and fiction, and that Reasoning Power in humans is driven by our prejudice, fear and “Filtering”.

It has only been in the last century where many, but not all people on the planet have not needed our Instincts. We live in a reasonably free society and are protected by Police, Laws, Armies and we can go about raising our families and working our jobs, tending to our homes and land and most of us will not fall afoul of the law or be abused by governments. This is the entire point of having a society and working together to make a better world for our children and their children. We have a duty to advance as Humans and improve our intelligence, to make a fairer society and work towards the day when there are no more wars or dictators, where Human Rights Courts and Lawyers will no longer be necessary because nobody would abuse our rights. I also discussed this in the book.

The reality is that there are wars and humans suffering from environmental disasters, we still have famines, droughts, dictators and millions dying. I wrote extensively about the failure of the United Nations, especially UNICEF and why these organizations sometimes do more harm than good. I have been taken to task for speaking on these issues by otherwise good people with the best intentions and the “Best Interest of the Child” at heart, but I have gained their respect in many cases by pointing out that good people can easily be led to do bad things. We try and try but still fail. We don’t give up on these failures, we try harder but the reason we fail ultimately is because we fulfill Albert Einsteins prophesy when he defined Insanity;

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

We keep trying, failure is not an option, but without listening to others and changing our methods, we are doomed to failure, which is Insanity.

Arab Child Abuse

child abuse

I may lose a few friends with this next paragraph, but I urge people to think logically and constructively about this and not allow your prejudices or biases to accept new information.

I am going to discuss what I see as Child Abuse, mainly by Arabs in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict which has raged on since 1948. Case in Point is a 16-year-old girl by the name of Ahed Tamimi. She was arrested and detained without bail for assaulting 2 soldiers outside her house in the West Bank. She is also known as Shirley Temper and there are many videos of her shouting and striking IDF Soldiers. Her family background is that her family have a history of “rebellion” and terrorism, this is the environment she and many Arab children were raised in. Throughout history we have seen children indoctrinated into regimes and ideologies, as children we are not autonomous and believe our parents to be Gods, to be infallible and always be right about everything. It’s no surprise that children become their parents in many ways and that conflicts go from one generation to another. Some fact I have seen on Ahed Tamimi;

  • For years she has attacked Police and Soldiers, always with Media present to record the event. This is the first time she has been arrested and charged.
  • At the age of 13 she received 2 awards for her “Activism” by the Presidents of Turkey and “Palestine”. (in 2012 she was reported as being aged 13 by the Turkish and International Media, which if my math is correct makes her an adult, but if the Media insists she is only 16 let’s go with that)
  •  Her aunt Ahlam Ahmad Al-Tamimi  a Jordanian citizen, was jailed for her part in the infamous Sbaro Restaurant suicide bombing in Israel which killed 15 Israelis, half of whom were children. She remains unrepentant to this day.
  • Ahed’s mother Nariman Tamimi regularly incites violence against Jews, and usually appears with her daughter at events where Ahed slaps soldiers and the mother videos the event, not to mention the heavy media presence usually seen at these “protests”, which are organized by her father.
  • Ahed’s Father Bassim Tamimi, also a Jordanian, was jailed for incitement, particularly for instructing children to throw stones at Jews and Israelis.
  • It would appear that the Tamimi Family are not in fact “Palestinians” but emigrated from Jordan.

The arguments of the Anti-Israelis in the Ahed Tamimi case show and incredible bias. Some peoples views are so fixed against Israel that they try to justify the abuse of Ahed by her family and community. Here is a sampling;

  • Ahed was angry because her cousin had been shot in the eye by an IDF soldier. If this is true, what motivation did she have for attacking soldiers hundreds of times for at least the last 5 years?
  • “She is only a child, the soldiers are fully armed”. Can I ask, what mother or father would allow a child to attack a fully armed soldier and film it rather than try to protect their child?
  • “The soldiers were entering her house”. The video shows the soldiers outside her property on the street and making no attempt to enter her house. Ahed threw the blows and kicks, the soldiers did not defend themselves. Can I ask if a child in any Western country did the same to a Police Officer, would they not be tazered or shot or beaten with batons? Would the Police not arrest the child and mother and place the child in Foster “Care” and charge the mother with Reckless Endangerment of a Child?
  • “Throwing stones is harmless compared to a fully armed and trained soldier”. I would say, have you never heard of Death by Stoning?

You have to laugh sometimes at the hypocrisy of people like George Galloway who points out that Jews are not indigenous to Israel or the area because some are blue-eyed/blonds, just like Jordanian Ahed Tamimi. I don’t want to be drawn into a debate about who’s right or wrong in this conflict, the point I am making is that Ahed Tamimi is an abused child, but many people try to excuse this form as child abuse as they try to excuse terrorism. I often hear people say that “One man’s Terrorist is another man’s Freedom Fighter”, no folks, if you attack civilians as Ahed’s aunt did, you are either a Psychopath or a Terrorist. If you subscribe to the “Freedom Fighter” concept, you have lost your Moral Compass and need a heavy dose of Critical Thinking.

We have indeed lost our Moral Compass if we celebrate sending a 12-year-old out to attack soldiers, throw stones or Petrol Bombs, roll burning Tyres filled with petrol at troops, or more serious, teaching hate to toddlers on TV or in UNRWA Schools. I am in disbelief that people allow their bias and hate against Israel and Jews to affect the logical part of their brain and not see blatant Child Abuse, especially in the case of Ahed?

Israeli Prime Minister Golda Maier (also spelled Meir), understood the mentality when she said;

Peace will come to the Arabs when they learn to love their children more than they hate ours (Jews)

Please don’t bother responding with comments drawing me into a debate over right or wrong in this conflict, the topic is Child Abuse and how people allow themselves to justify and celebrate the abuse of a child. I have not seen any evidence of Israelis or Jews similarly abusing or brainwashing their children. Please share any evidence you have to the contrary.

The question this child abuse raises for me is “Where are the Social Workers”? Where is the outrage and condemnation or scholarly articles? why do UNICEF and UNRWA not speak out against children being used by adults as “Martyrs” when the PLO sent out child suicide bombers? If there was ever an opportunity for Social Work and Sociology, who claim to have the power to control and influence Society, why are UNICEF not sending armies of Social Workers to Arab countries to prevent Child Abuse? But I’m sure if you have read the Secret Courts Book, you already know the answer.


One thought on “Why is Child Abuse Sometimes Acceptable?

  1. thank you for the article and well done on
    highlighting the points.
    The ever expanding “child abuse industry”
    espedially by those in the “psychiatric” is
    of course just like the “gay” issue.
    All the Profesionals whom interviewed\treated
    with medicine and electro shock treatment
    along with many more sub-human crimes
    NOW have about turned.
    they so profesional but truth and integrety
    cannot be seen.
    where are all the Profesionals whom “treated”
    the great excuse for their crimes – “we were mistaken”
    and now we “hitting” on another subject and as can
    be seen another cash cow.
    i once read “psychiatry – the junior sister of medicine”
    is no more than a “cash” support for the “treatment
    the bible “DSM” of the junior sister is constantly
    changed\updated and seen as for no other reason
    than to support the ignorant\corrupt politicians whims.
    this “bible” is the basis for many pieces of legislation
    and law – hence they are all fake.
    the great western democracies with its supposed
    advanced civilizations are the factual Abusers.
    Child Abuse “with its ever widening goal posts”
    is the weak\ignorant\corrupt\capitalist shouts
    from politicians who hide the fact that They are the
    main danger to children.
    take the next statement and fact check if you wish,
    Tens of thousands of children have been Killed –
    Maimed – Seriously injured – Mentally traumatised
    and forced to flee their countries as refugees from
    iraq\afghanistan\libya\syria etc. by usa and its allies
    interfeering\sanctioning\bombing to destruction and
    this of course is hidden and not given thought by public
    as Evil leaders of those countries is the excuse.
    The buzz word and aim of attack (to gain support in
    the phoney “anti-child abuse” industry) is Pedo and
    Not “bombing a funeral or wedding by drone or jet”
    from miles away causing harm to children in a foreign
    there is actual physical abuse in all countries and
    always was back in history and wil be.
    like alcoholics\murderers\thieves and ignorant politicians
    from the start of life on earth and will continue, there will
    always be a percentage of humans that will meet the trait.
    Education of young humans will reduce “abuse” just
    like education of adults in “facts”.
    when a human knows the human can act to prevent.
    An eight yesr old “compus mentis -latin-” knows the fire is hot
    and refrains from putting the hand in – there are those of
    course that test and use by learning “aids” to deter
    effects of heat. – “firefighters are taught”.
    Child Abuse has been taken out of context
    by politicians and psychiatrists to suit their
    ignorant political and cash gain.
    Making false scares and fake laws to support
    their path of self gloryfying ignorance and capitalist
    gain whilst denying nature.
    this whilst keeping young humans ignorant about
    their bodies\biology and sex.
    The actual Perverts are the same ones that “attacked”
    (those of colour)blacks and gays and now pedo.
    A final question for humans to consider
    “How many children – if under 18 is taken as age”
    are killed yearly on the roads where alcohol is involved?.
    Politicians will not ban alcohol but will pursue after the fact
    unlike fake laws based on sex and age of consent which they
    pursue before any act.
    the final of the article “Where are the social workers”,
    the answer being
    “theft of a pay packet and failure to act humanely
    in order to support ignorant politicians and their bleatings”.

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