Why I do what I do, and why you should too.

Every day on Facebook I see pictures of babies and children and it brings me great joy to know that in some small way, I had a part in them being raised by their parents. These are mostly children who were in “Care” or would have been placed in “Care” but are being raised at home as Nature intended.

One such case is a couple I met while campaigning against the Children’s “Rights” Referendum in Ireland. I met “Holly & Ben” outside the Dail (Irish Parliament) after coming from a press conference. I took their contact details and put them in touch with colleagues who helped them regain custody of their 2 children from “Care”. In the UK, their daughter was forcibly adopted and they moved to Ireland. On the basis of nothing more than they had previously lost a child to Forced Adoption, the Child & Family Agency removed their 2 children. In the UK, their daughter was adopted on the basis of a flawed report of a Psychologist, a “Whore of the Court”. I recommended a psychologist who is extremely qualified and capable, he gave them a very favorable report. The mother told me; “He was so thorough that if he had decided that I should not raise children, I would have believed him”. Her daughter was Forcibly Adopted at a time when Local Authorities met Adoption Targets, they were paid huge bonuses by the UK Government. While targets still exist, the bonuses have dried up, but the LA’s are happy to take as many children as they can for Forced Adoption, often with disastrous results.

With their first two children in Ireland, “Holly & Ben” didn’t get to see all the little “Milestones” that babies go through, crawling, eating solid food, standing, the first teeth, the first haircut, the tummy aches, and all the little joys that parents experience, instead a Foster “Carer” witnessed all these events. They were robbed of these joyous events because of a lying, thieving “Whore of the Court” sold his/her soul to the highest bidder, and the highest bidder is never going to be the parent as they could not afford their fees. They were robbed again by Irish Social Services on nothing more than they “May” (or equally may not) be a risk to their children. As my esteemed colleague, Ian Josephs would say; “This is Punishment Without Crime”.

After their children were returned, “Holly” became pregnant again, but social workers were out of the picture this time, not having a moral or legal leg to stand on. Almost daily, I see pictures of the new baby’s milestone, he’s crawling and propping himself up to stand. This is the first time these parents have experienced all the joys of parenthood.

I was once told by a wise man that I should pursue Happiness, I have found however that Happiness is fleeting, but Joy lasts forever. I share in the joy of these parents because I played a small part in helping them get their children home. All I did was introduce them to others and let them know they were not alone in this fight. I am not a super-hero and what I did was not a super-heroic act, anyone who cares enough about children can do the same thing with little effort. People don’t want advice, they want a listening ear so that they hear the words come out of their own mouth, so they will hear for themselves if their words sound reasonable. I have always said, I don’t give advice, I give people options, options they may never have thought of or introduce them to others to give them more options. The point I am trying to make is that anyone could do what I do and have done and make a difference in peoples lives. The benefit of helping others is the joy it brings to you. I would caution people, however, to be careful not to set yourself up as a self-appointed hero. There is no more heroic act than to save a child, but when you look at this case, many self-appointed “Heroes”, robbed these parents of parenthood, but more importantly, robbed 3 children of their parents based on nothing more than suspicion. Forget about who has the “Moral High Ground”, remember that the people who take children, usually believe they are doing the right thing because they wrongly believe the system works.

In another case from the UK, “Stella”, a young woman has had 5 children removed and 3 of them Forcibly Adopted. She fled to Ireland and fought a valiant battle but Irish Authorities were only too willing to serve their comrades in the UK and the Irish born baby was deported to the UK for adoption. A few years ago she moved to another EU country and now has 2 beautiful babies and posts on Facebook with updates on every milestone. All this young woman ever wanted was a family of her own, but she lost 5 of her children to a cruel and incompetent system, worse yet, her children lost a fit and capable Mother.

In another case I have assisted a father on, he has not seen his young son in a few years. He has no Skype or phone contact, even though this was mandated by the courts, but not enforced. There is a danger that his son might forget him, and become bonded to the alienating mother, but this father has fought a valiant fight against a very corrupt court system in Slovakia. It would appear that Slovakia has made a National Industry of Slovak women getting pregnant by foreign fathers, absconding to Slovakia, and enforcing Maintenance Payments while alienating their children from their fathers. It wasn’t until I did some research last year that I discovered the enormity of the problem. My advice to men would be never to sleep with a Slovak woman.

The fathers get up early every Saturday morning and attempt a Skype call with his son. The mother answers but the child is never present and the father stares at a blank screen for 30 minutes and records each episode (of nothing) in the hope that he might catch a glimpse of his son at the corner of the screen.

I am very happy to announce, however, that a few months ago this father had another son with his lovely partner with whom he lives. I am overjoyed to see almost daily posts of all the little milestones that mommy and daddy post and maybe soon the new baby will get valuable life-lessons on how to be a boy and a man from his dad. At the same time, I grieve for the other son in Slovakia who is growing up without the benefit of a father, and who will likely as time passes, come to hate his mother for denying him a father. We could predict with scientific certainty that this boy will have a poorer outcome in life, but it won’t be because of the Father, who has gone above and beyond what is expected of him.

There are many other cases I could mention, I see regular posts and visit homes of friends whom I helped. I see children who are now adults and have overcome the trauma of “Care” in some cases, and going on to adulthood and making a life for themselves. I also spend time thinking about the many friends I have lost to suicide because their pain was so great. I recently lost a young mother of 4 lovely children to suicide, she grew up in the “Care” System and suffered unbearable trauma as a result. I wrote about her case also in the book.

Every day I see posts on Facebook from these people, it’s not hard to see that they are good people and excellent parents. By raising their children properly, they make a mockery of the faux “Science” of Sociology, and the Secret Courts which allows this madness of removing children from fit parents. They are living proof that social workers are no more capable of determining who is a fit parent and who is a risk, the Baby P Fiasco should have taught us this. In the Baby P case he was visited 60 times by “Professionals” but nobody found the need to remove him. When he died he had a fractured spine and many life-threatening injuries. The learning from this case was to take every child for the smallest of suspicions. The adage “Damned if we do and damned if we don’t” was dreamed up by a PR Guru who was later jailed for sexual assault. The reality is that social workers are only damned when they make horrific mistakes, but the public will never hear a fraction of those cases because people could be jailed, even when the child died, for saying “anything to anybody” as prescribed by the In Camera Rule.

I have no tolerance for drug and alcohol addiction, I have seen too many lives destroyed by it. I have always said that babies born as addicts should absolutely be removed and adopted, even forcibly. I was wrong. I am well aware that Addiction is an Illness and that there is no addiction without pain, but I was proven wrong by a recent study on Cocaine which proves that babies born to cocaine-addicts do better in terms of Outcomes if left with their mothers. Since the “Care” System pretends to keep children safe, but doesn’t in most cases, it is certainly a damning indictment that the offspring of drug addicts fare better than children placed in “Care”.

I have to wonder sometimes; if people suffering from some kind of collective mental illness? We know the Child “Protection” System is detrimental to the well-being and life-outcomes for the child, we know that removing a child from a parent, fit or otherwise, is tantamount to Child Abuse, and we know this beyond all scientific doubt, so why are we so addicted to removing children from their parents? I wrote about these topics in great detail in the book, and I won’t repeat myself here, but I am still struggling with the concept myself. Perhaps what I uncovered is the fact that, as humans, we are not yet at a stage of human development where our emotions can over-rule our logical brain and accept irrefutable scientific evidence, that, in our haste to save children, we are actually abusing them. Perhaps someday a team of scientists will discover a cure for Child “Protection”, but in the meantime, we all need to do what we can to help the victims of this system. You don’t need to be a super-hero, just listen to people. The main reason this system continues to harm children is because the Public is not aware of the extent of the problems with Child “Protection”, and by standing back and doing nothing, we become part of the problem ourselves. If all the victims of this system got together, parents and children alike, the system would end over-night.