Hypo-Critical Thinking for Beginners

Without getting into too much of the Psychology involved, I’m sure many people have to shake their heads at news stories and comments on Social Media. “What were they thinking” when they wrote that? or was conscious thought even used in writing that piece? I’m sure for many people there is an aspect of Intellectual Superiority that comes into play when someone writes something you disagree with, you might feel morally or intellectually superior because they wrote a very one-sided or dishonest piece and left out the other side of the story.

Judges will tell you that there are 2 sides to every story and the truth often lies somewhere in the middle, but usually, this only applies where both sides are honest and believe they are right. My particular interest is in the topic of Child “Protection”, and I will cover this from that perspective.

This morning’s “Head-Shaker” is from the Washington Post, which I often shake my head at for its outright hypocrisy on many issues.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American College of Physicians and the American Psychiatric Association have all issued statements against it — representing more than 250,000 doctors in the United States. Nearly 7,700 mental-health professionals and 142 organizations have also signed a petition urging President Trump to end the policy.

The Anti-Trump Brigade is launching a campaign against the policy of separating children at the USA border. They have a well-reasoned argument and cite scientific evidence of why this is bad for children. I agree completely, separating children from their parents creates a wound so deep that we have no way of measuring it and have little interest in scientific studies which may prevent or minimize this trauma to children and their parents.

I find the utter Hypocrisy of the American Academy of Pediatrians to be beyond belief in this case. What were they thinking, or were they even thinking? Thousands of children are separated at the border, but have they even considered the millions separated by Child “Protective” Services from their parents?

When you consider the many, many children removed from their parents on the suspicions of Pediatricians and Doctors, children who end up severely medicated, suffering PTSD, dying in “Care”, having poor Life Outcomes from “Care”, ending up homeless, in prison, raped, pregnant, neglected, abused, and left to fend for themselves at age 18, where are the condemnations, the petitions and scholarly articles from the American College of Pediatricians?

Many of the children removed at the border are victims of Child Trafficking, but many more children are trafficked from the “Care” System. To protect children from Human Traffickers, it is necessary in most cases to remove the children until DNA tests prove the people smuggling children into the USA are their parents. It is unfortunate but necessary. 60% of all children trafficked are from Foster “Care”.

The people bring children thousands of miles to smuggle the children into the USA are breaking the law. Asylum or Refugee status can be applied for without dragging a child thousands of miles from their home, often without any money or security for these children. Many children have died on the journey. By comparison, the parents of children removed and placed in “Care” are rarely charged with Child Abuse or Neglect and have no criminal record. In the USA, many children are removed to “Care” while their parents are incarcerated. Why pick one group of children and forget about the other?

On another post, I asked; “Why is Child Abuse Sometimes Acceptable?” The hypocrisy in this case of the Israeli/”Palestinian” conflict is even more disturbing. I will leave it up to readers to decide to read it.

Every day, children die around the world in conflicts, but there is little coverage. It would seem that to many, their concern is for White children dying, but there are always exceptions. In much the same way, an Israeli child dying in a terrorist attack won’t receive attention, but when a Palestinian child dies attempting a stabbing, the event will receive full media coverage. The epitome of hypocrisy to me is that children are being used as a means to spread hate against President Trump, just as Palestinian children are used as fodder to spread hate against Jews and Israel. President Obama instituted these camps but no condemnation?

Children should not be political pawns, especially by an organization that purports to speak for children, but forgets to speak about the children in Foster “Care”.