Child Protections System are failing children everywhere. Anyone who believes otherwise is either delusional or misinformed. It would be easy to believe that evil people are doing evil things, it’s more difficult to understand why. Yes, there are evil people in every walk of life, but the majority of people who work to help children have the best intentions and the best interests of children at heart. So why isn’t it working?

At the heart of any dysfunction is a common cause, Incompetence. Whenever a manager asks a failing employee or team why they are failing, the inevitable response is always;

  • We need more Time
  • We need more Money
  • We need more Power
  • We need more People

Over the years in most failing systems when they have added more Time, Money, Power and People, the inevitable result has been more spectacular failure. The reasons for failure comes down to one simple cause, children belong with their parents and family. Nature designed Family to protect children over the history of Human Evolution. In 70 or so years, Sociology and Psychology has destroyed what Nature created. The mantra of Sociology is that; “Family is an outdated concept with it’s vestiges in our tribal roots”. The idea that a child can be uprooted from “A” and placed with “B”, for example with Adoption, has not produced the equivalent result as if the child had been left with “A” to begin with. Yes, some children absolutely need to be protected, but the current ideology produces bad Outcomes for children in 80% of cases.

The reasons that Child Protection Systems are failing are many and complex. Best Interests are not translating into Best Outcomes for children. A blog alone could not deal with the many issues that people need to understand and fix. The Secret Court Book needs to be read by everyone who has an interest in protecting children. The blog will be updated regularly to include current developments. Everyone is welcome to express their opinion and engage in debate.

The “Secret Courts” book was published on the 17 August 2017 and is available in print on Amazon and selected bookstores.



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