Where do (Adopted) Babies Come From?

I am watching a video on Facebook of a mother who has lost her newborn to Forced Adoption. As heartbreaking as it is to watch, it is a story I have heard over and over again. In a few of the cases I have worked on in the UK, I have seen all of the documents, in fact, I have seen more of the evidence than the judges have seen in these cases. I have also seen cases where parents have fled the UK and Social Services in other countries, where Forced Adoption is not legal, they were allowed to keep their babies. In fact I have even met social workers involved in these cases and interviewed them for the book.

In the video I am watching, a young, first-time mother, as soon as she got pregnant, social services became involved because they had “concerns”.  Bear in mind that this was her first-born, her ability as a parent could not reasonably be determined since she didn’t have a child and there was no evidence that she had ever abused a child. I have to say in the interest of fairness, that I don’t know enough about the case to say whether the Forced Adoption is justified or not. I am listening to one side of the story, and I wouldn’t make a judgement based on hearing one side. I can say however, that in every other case I have seen or dealt with, in none of those cases was the Forced Adoption justified.

I wrote in great depth about other cases in the book, but there is a pattern that you get to see over and over again. When councils were being paid bonuses to adopt more children in the UK, only 6% of the children in “Care” were adopted, the majority of cases were like this one, social workers identify a baby for adoption and the parent is put on a treadmill with targets they have no hope of hitting.  The UK government set an impossible target of Fast-Tracking Forced Adoption within 2 months. They will tell the parent they need to do a course or training which will take several months, and then say no places are available for months, the Forced Adoption would be finalized probably 4 months before the parent finishes.

In a case I assisted on in the UK, the mother had been placed in a “Mother and Baby Unit”. By the time this mother and her team were finished with social services, Tadpole Cottage was shut down and Dr George Hibbert was facing a Fitness to Practice Committee at the GMC. Incredibly, he was cleared of professional misconduct. Among the psychological tests a mother faced was changing a flat tyre at the side of the road while caring for her baby.  In the end the highly controversial General Medical Council dropped the charges against him.

I have even seen a case in Ireland where an English mother and her husband relocated to Ireland even though he was serving in the British Army and had completed a tour in Afghanistan. Irish social services were notified by UK social services that this woman was such a risk to children that her previous children were forcibly adopted. When she was pregnant, 6 months before the due date, she became a legal resident of Ireland. She contacted us on arrival and we advised her to contact Irish social services, provide them with all her records and engage with them to see what concerns they had if any. Their response was not to engage with her until the day the baby was born. In fact, they even placed a Police surveillance car outside her home for weeks before the baby was born. She was monitored 24/7 even though she was not accused of any crime. If she had decided to flee the jurisdiction before the baby was born, Police would have been powerless to do anything.  I know of several cases where Police resources were wasted in this way.

When the baby was born, social workers attempted a kidnapping under the law. They had no court orders and attempted to illegally invoke Section 12 of the Child Care Act which allows Irish Police to remove any child in danger without court orders. In many cases babies or children are kidnapped misusing S12 and then social workers will lie to a judge and say the baby was in such danger that the Police had to remove the child and hand them over to social workers. However, S12 requires that the Police Officer is required to establish what danger the baby was in. Since it was highly improbable that a newborn could be in any danger in a hospital while surrounded by doctors and nurses, if Police had used S12 they would not have been able to justify their actions. Despite this, S12 is regularly misused, which in the legal sense would be kidnapping, fraud upon the court, perjury and perverting the course of justice.

Despite not engaging with the mother, an Emergency Care Order was granted based on the UK evidence. Despite fighting through the courts in Ireland, the baby was deported and forcibly adopted. Last year the same mother moved to another EU country, engaged with social services there before the birth, and they had no issues. Today she lives with her new baby and is pregnant again, social services there have no issues. If she was in Ireland or the UK she would be guaranteed to lose any child she gives birth to.

So my question is; Where do adopters think these babies come from?

It has been a long time since Orphanages have existed in most of Europe. The marketing of these children includes posting their images in advertisement online and paying advertising agencies to find “forever homes” for the less adoptable children who  are over aged three. Of course most adopters want babies, preferably if the baby never bonded with their mother. In a few cases in Ireland I have heard social workers trying to justify reasons why a newborn should not be breast-fed or bond. In one case we asked a High Court judge “who is the baby supposed to bond with?”. They have even stated outright that if the baby bonds and is breast-fed, that the baby will grieve for their mother and this can impact the bond with the adopters. Obviously this is child abuse to deny a newborn the opportunity to bond. It is well-known now that “Kangaroo Care” is tremendously important for newborns. Babies can die for apparent reason described as “Failure to Thrive” and human contact with their mother. It is also widely known that the bonding process begins long before the baby is born, and newborn know their mothers.

Adoption, which has long been a thriving business, believes that you can take a baby from “A” and place them with “B” and that there are no consequences to the child. Adopters believe they are saving children from a miserable existence and many have set themselves up as heroes in their own mind. Social workers have no issue with abusing a baby and as the evidence appears to show, the more financial incentives involved, the more adoptions that will take place. In the middle of all this is the baby who is being abused. But lets not forget the mother or the father of this baby who will spend the rest of their lives grieving for a living child. If these parents speak out they will be jailed. If they parents see their child on the street, they could be jailed for any form of acknowledging their own child.

In many cases children were adopted because their parents were wrongly accused of child abuse. By the time the case came to Criminal Court their children were already forcibly adopted. Supposedly, these adoptions are “Irreversible” even though they were not legally justified. This in itself is proof that Forced Adoptions are illegal. It also proves that a child can be adopted without the parents being guilty of any crime, a Human Rights abuse under “Punishment Without Crime”. A friend and colleague who has helped parents against social services since the 1960’s, Ian Josephs is the person who first coined  the term “Forced Adoption” and for years he has had a website entitled Forced Adoption – Punishment Without Crime.  Ian, although now in his 80’s, still works daily helping parents flee or fight their cases. Another colleague, a former British MP John Hemming has done amazing work in compiling statistics and raising the issue many times in the British Parliament. Despite all the sterling work over the years not a lot has changed.

What has changed is that far more people are now aware that children don’t come from orphanages or are voluntarily given up by bad parents. If you are going to adopt a child these days you need to do a lot of courses, spend a lot of money and a lot of time before you are given a child. With so much information these days about the controversies and the injustice of Forced Adoption, you would either have to stupid, brainwashed or so cruel that you don’t care where the baby or child came from. If an adoption can fail and an adopter hand the child back to social services, there is no good reason that adoptions can be reversed as easily as they were made.

We need to stop seeing Adoption as being a heroic act, there is nothing heroic about adopting a child who doesn’t want to be adopted or taking a child away from a parent who has not committed any crime. If the failure rates of adoption and the suicide rate of adopted children is higher than children in the general population, seeing Adoption as anything other than a form of Child Abuse is no longer acceptable. I wrote in great detail about this in the book.


Why is Child Abuse Sometimes Acceptable?

I have mentioned before how I am fascinated with Cognitive Dissonance and how facts and indisputable evidence wont change people’s minds. It is a topic that has been well-studied by scientific experiments over the years and the conclusion that could be drawn is that Humans are not yet at a stage of our development where our brains can differentiate between fact and fiction, and that Reasoning Power in humans is driven by our prejudice, fear and “Filtering”.

It has only been in the last century where many, but not all people on the planet have not needed our Instincts. We live in a reasonably free society and are protected by Police, Laws, Armies and we can go about raising our families and working our jobs, tending to our homes and land and most of us will not fall afoul of the law or be abused by governments. This is the entire point of having a society and working together to make a better world for our children and their children. We have a duty to advance as Humans and improve our intelligence, to make a fairer society and work towards the day when there are no more wars or dictators, where Human Rights Courts and Lawyers will no longer be necessary because nobody would abuse our rights. I also discussed this in the book.

The reality is that there are wars and humans suffering from environmental disasters, we still have famines, droughts, dictators and millions dying. I wrote extensively about the failure of the United Nations, especially UNICEF and why these organizations sometimes do more harm than good. I have been taken to task for speaking on these issues by otherwise good people with the best intentions and the “Best Interest of the Child” at heart, but I have gained their respect in many cases by pointing out that good people can easily be led to do bad things. We try and try but still fail. We don’t give up on these failures, we try harder but the reason we fail ultimately is because we fulfill Albert Einsteins prophesy when he defined Insanity;

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

We keep trying, failure is not an option, but without listening to others and changing our methods, we are doomed to failure, which is Insanity.

Arab Child Abuse

child abuse

I may lose a few friends with this next paragraph, but I urge people to think logically and constructively about this and not allow your prejudices or biases to accept new information.

I am going to discuss what I see as Child Abuse, mainly by Arabs in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict which has raged on since 1948. Case in Point is a 16-year-old girl by the name of Ahed Tamimi. She was arrested and detained without bail for assaulting 2 soldiers outside her house in the West Bank. She is also known as Shirley Temper and there are many videos of her shouting and striking IDF Soldiers. Her family background is that her family have a history of “rebellion” and terrorism, this is the environment she and many Arab children were raised in. Throughout history we have seen children indoctrinated into regimes and ideologies, as children we are not autonomous and believe our parents to be Gods, to be infallible and always be right about everything. It’s no surprise that children become their parents in many ways and that conflicts go from one generation to another. Some fact I have seen on Ahed Tamimi;

  • For years she has attacked Police and Soldiers, always with Media present to record the event. This is the first time she has been arrested and charged.
  • At the age of 13 she received 2 awards for her “Activism” by the Presidents of Turkey and “Palestine”. (in 2012 she was reported as being aged 13 by the Turkish and International Media, which if my math is correct makes her an adult, but if the Media insists she is only 16 let’s go with that)
  •  Her aunt Ahlam Ahmad Al-Tamimi  a Jordanian citizen, was jailed for her part in the infamous Sbaro Restaurant suicide bombing in Israel which killed 15 Israelis, half of whom were children. She remains unrepentant to this day.
  • Ahed’s mother Nariman Tamimi regularly incites violence against Jews, and usually appears with her daughter at events where Ahed slaps soldiers and the mother videos the event, not to mention the heavy media presence usually seen at these “protests”, which are organized by her father.
  • Ahed’s Father Bassim Tamimi, also a Jordanian, was jailed for incitement, particularly for instructing children to throw stones at Jews and Israelis.
  • It would appear that the Tamimi Family are not in fact “Palestinians” but emigrated from Jordan.

The arguments of the Anti-Israelis in the Ahed Tamimi case show and incredible bias. Some peoples views are so fixed against Israel that they try to justify the abuse of Ahed by her family and community. Here is a sampling;

  • Ahed was angry because her cousin had been shot in the eye by an IDF soldier. If this is true, what motivation did she have for attacking soldiers hundreds of times for at least the last 5 years?
  • “She is only a child, the soldiers are fully armed”. Can I ask, what mother or father would allow a child to attack a fully armed soldier and film it rather than try to protect their child?
  • “The soldiers were entering her house”. The video shows the soldiers outside her property on the street and making no attempt to enter her house. Ahed threw the blows and kicks, the soldiers did not defend themselves. Can I ask if a child in any Western country did the same to a Police Officer, would they not be tazered or shot or beaten with batons? Would the Police not arrest the child and mother and place the child in Foster “Care” and charge the mother with Reckless Endangerment of a Child?
  • “Throwing stones is harmless compared to a fully armed and trained soldier”. I would say, have you never heard of Death by Stoning?

You have to laugh sometimes at the hypocrisy of people like George Galloway who points out that Jews are not indigenous to Israel or the area because some are blue-eyed/blonds, just like Jordanian Ahed Tamimi. I don’t want to be drawn into a debate about who’s right or wrong in this conflict, the point I am making is that Ahed Tamimi is an abused child, but many people try to excuse this form as child abuse as they try to excuse terrorism. I often hear people say that “One man’s Terrorist is another man’s Freedom Fighter”, no folks, if you attack civilians as Ahed’s aunt did, you are either a Psychopath or a Terrorist. If you subscribe to the “Freedom Fighter” concept, you have lost your Moral Compass and need a heavy dose of Critical Thinking.

We have indeed lost our Moral Compass if we celebrate sending a 12-year-old out to attack soldiers, throw stones or Petrol Bombs, roll burning Tyres filled with petrol at troops, or more serious, teaching hate to toddlers on TV or in UNRWA Schools. I am in disbelief that people allow their bias and hate against Israel and Jews to affect the logical part of their brain and not see blatant Child Abuse, especially in the case of Ahed?

Israeli Prime Minister Golda Maier (also spelled Meir), understood the mentality when she said;

Peace will come to the Arabs when they learn to love their children more than they hate ours (Jews)

Please don’t bother responding with comments drawing me into a debate over right or wrong in this conflict, the topic is Child Abuse and how people allow themselves to justify and celebrate the abuse of a child. I have not seen any evidence of Israelis or Jews similarly abusing or brainwashing their children. Please share any evidence you have to the contrary.

The question this child abuse raises for me is “Where are the Social Workers”? Where is the outrage and condemnation or scholarly articles? why do UNICEF and UNRWA not speak out against children being used by adults as “Martyrs” when the PLO sent out child suicide bombers? If there was ever an opportunity for Social Work and Sociology, who claim to have the power to control and influence Society, why are UNICEF not sending armies of Social Workers to Arab countries to prevent Child Abuse? But I’m sure if you have read the Secret Courts Book, you already know the answer.


The Psychics Hotline Method of “Protecting” Children

I’ve said, and many others have said many times, that to repeat the same experiment over and over again is “Insanity”. It is one of the great gifts that Albert Einstein gave us. So when Social Workers try to find new methods, this is to be encouraged and applauded. I wish them luck, but I believe it will fail.

History teaches us about Child Protection that social workers are no better than anyone else at determining which children should be removed. A stunning example is the Baby P Case. Baby Peter was visited by “Professionals” 60 times in his short life, 18 of those visits by social workers. What was the principle learning from this case by social workers, is that you should take every child on the least suspicion, because you will be “damned if you do and damned if you don’t”.  The reality is that nobody but parents are damned, usually by social workers, but social workers are damned only when they make mistakes, as they did in Baby P.

The conclusion that I arrived at in the Baby P case is that social workers are no more capable of determining which children should be removed than anyone. I put this down to many factors, all detailed in the book. The bottom line as I see it, is that Sociology is not Evidence Based and has no Scientific Validity. In many countries only specially trained Police can determine if children should be removed, in the case of Police, their work is Evidence Based and their decisions are based on fact. Compare that to what social workers are being asked to do; predict Future Outcomes for Children. I made it clear in the book that I believe that we are asking social workers to do a job they will never be capable of doing. By the very nature of their work, social workers don’t do investigations, they do assessments, and they are not very good at it.

So the latest Flavor-of-the-Month Pop-Psychology is to use computer algorithms to screen calls to social services. A system now being trialed is called Predictive-Analytics Algorithm.  When Social Services receive a call about a child who may need to be “protected”, it is hoped that a computer program will be able to determine which calls should be dismissed and which cases require a visit to the child.

Predictive analytics are something we use every day without knowing it. When you type in part of a search into a search engine it will pop up suggestions, and finish your sentence for you, giving you a selection based on popularity of questions. As a computer geek myself, who has worked not just on PC’s, but on highly complex Automation Systems, I will make my own prediction on why this will fail. Any geek will tell you that a computer program is only as good as the data you put into the program. Any computer technician will also tell you that the computer and program is only as good as its user. “False data in, false data out”. Here’s why it wont work;

  • The algorithm will not be science or evidence based but rely on faulty guidelines that social workers use on a daily basis.
  • The user is not qualified to conduct investigations, or to determine “Risk” based on a phone call or email.
  • Social Work has no history of success in determining which children are in actual need of protection.
  • Based on Baby P, social workers wouldn’t recognise abuse or risk is they visited the house 18 times and sat on the couch and watched it happen.
  • Existing checklists used by social workers are extremely vague, they rely heavily on subjective opinion to such an extent that most signs or symptoms “may or may not” be present, such that any child could be removed, or not removed, based on subjective opinion.

But let me state clearly, there are systems that are “tried and true” that have been used for many years with great success. At a case conference I plopped my phone on the table at the start of the meeting and pushed a few buttons. I was asked by the team leader if I was using a voice recorder? I answered “no, this is a Lie Detector”, do you have any objection to my using it? There was uproar and I had to remove the battery from my phone before the meeting would continue. I actually use a dedicated Digital  Audio Recorder and not my phone, just as courts and many social workers use.

With a DAR, if you have sufficiently good quality and levels, you can run the recording through a Voice Stress Analyzer, while this is not a Lie Detector as such,  in skilled hands it gives a very accurate reading of stress in a persons voice. While stress may or not be lying, it can encourage people to tell the truth.

In another case a parent recorded a social worker and clearly caught her lying. The parent wanted to use the recording in court so the judge could hear the lies. Social services strongly objected as they claimed tapes could be altered afterwards. Rather than the judge listening, he put the onus on the mother to have the tape analyzed by an expert technician and have her pay for it, making it impossible for her to use the tape. I offered my services for free as a qualified Electronics Technician and a Musician but now the judge put another condition on analyzing the tape, I had to analyze it without actually listening to its content. I said this was entirely possible, but there was no way that they were ever going to allow the tape to be played for the judge. Unbelievable but true. If I had been allowed, I would have over-stepped my mandate by also providing the judge with a Voice Stress Analysis, and also a Voice Recognition program which would have matched the speaker on tape with the speaker under oath on the witness stand.

So yes folks, there is technology that can help you prove your innocence or someones guilt, but I doubt very much that social workers or family court judges would embrace the use of tried and true technology. No amount of money spent on social workers will ever produce a method where social workers could detect by scientific means which children need protection, ever.

Might I suggest that social services re-route all child abuse and neglect calls to Psychics Hotline?




“I want to go Home”

I am often fascinated by comments on social media pages and will read through hundreds of comments. I find it educational to get others opinions and views, it can be a good gauge of public opinion, not forgetting that half the population are not on social media and usually hold a differing opinion.

This morning I am watching a video of Facebook of a young boy, about 10 years old, being dragged crying, kicking and screaming from his home  to be taken back to “Care”. As ordered by a judge. I don’t know if you can see the video from this link without a Facebook account, but no matter, I will describe the scene for you. 

The comments seem to be overwhelmingly in favor of the Police and against the mother. To give you a sampling;

  • Children are only removed after social workers have exhausted all other possibilities.
  • The Police were acting on the orders of the court, they don’t take children away without good reasons.
  • Bad parenting is to blame.
  • The mother is a bad parent for not telling her son to leave quietly with Police.

The Police in this case had a job to do. Their job is to enforce the orders of judges. It’s not the job of Police to question judges, just follow orders, (Nuremberg Defense). I have talked to many Police over the years about removing children.  In many cases they were very proud of their actions because they saved a child. They had no hesitation or regrets, neither would you or I have a problem removing a child in danger, when the actual danger to the child has been established.

I have also talked to Police in situations where they were “just following orders”, and were perplexed by why the child needed to be removed. I know 2 Police officers who went to their superior and expressed concerns over the actions of a social worker who removed 3 children but were dismissed as they were “Thinking above their rank”, and had no right to question the actions of the social worker. As it turned out, the social worker had fabricated evidence and essentially kidnapped 3 children and the officers were unwitting pawns who were “just following orders”.

I don’t wish to draw any parallels here between the action of the Police Officers in this video and the actions of Nazi’s. I believe it is important however to mention  how people blindly use the “Nuremberg Defense” to justify the actions of some people. In the Nuremberg Trials some Nazi’s used the defense; “I was just a soldier following orders”. As my friend and colleague Ian Josephs has said many times; “I’m sure there were nice guards at Auschwitz, but if you are part of a wicked organization that does wicked things, you are just as complicit”.

The Police did their job here, as per orders, but could they have done any better? I have no opinion of the capacity of the parents to care for their child, the parents are not my concern and I know nothing about their situation.

The facts that I have gleaned from the case, is that the child was placed in “Care” and ran away. This happens far more often that most people believe, if you ask children in “Care” what they want, in 99.99% of cases the answer will be; “I want to go home”. Obviously this child wants to be at home or wouldn’t have run away. I know of a child in Ireland who has attempted 3 times to commit suicide because his “carers” try to keep him away from his father. I fear that soon he will succeed in committing suicide, but despite our best efforts, no judge will listen to the child.

It is highly likely (70% chance) that the boy in this video was removed on the basis of nothing more than; “Possible Risk of Future Emotional Abuse”, I honestly don’t know. My observations here would be that if the parents had abused their son,

  • Why aren’t the parents in jail?
  • Is child abuse or neglect not a crime?
  • If the child had been abused by his parents, why would he go running home?
  • If “Care” is a safe place for children, why did he run away?

Far too often in these cases, judges “rubber stamp” decisions of “Professionals” without any evidence or scrutiny. The secrecy is such that Police Officers are told to mind their own business, follow orders and don’t get involved. The judge doesn’t get their hands dirty, they issue orders and almost never get to meet the child they are making decisions for. In an alternate universe I would have called the judge to the home and made the judge face the child and explain their decision. I would have made the judge physically drag the child to a vehicle. Why should judges be allowed to keep their hands clean and expect others to blindly carry out orders? Many senior Nazi officers never killed anyone or ever fired a weapon. In other atrocities since WWII, too many to mention, senior leaders were held accountable and many given the death penalty for their orders. While I don’t advocate killing judges, or anyone for that matter, why is it that children who are victims of judges decisions cannot sue them for their actions?

For me, what is overwhelmingly apparent from the comments, is that everyone wants to make decisions for and about this child, but nobody is listening to the child. The child wants to go home. If this child were given the opportunity to speak, I’m sure he would say; “No decisions about me, without me”.

I’m sure everyone feels they are acting in the “Best Interests” of this child, but nobody is listening to him. Many misinformed and misguided people believe the child belongs in “Care”, I might add without knowing the facts of the case. Many believe the system is competent because to think otherwise would mean that Family Courts and Social Workers sometimes make horrible mistakes and children die as a result, which of course happens all to frequently, but with such secrecy that the public will never hear about it.

What do these people seriously think what will happen to this child? I can, in all probability predict that;

I can make these predictions with about 80% certainty because this is the future for many “Cared For” children. I wish him every success in life but I despair that the odds are stacked against him. His parents may indeed be unfit to care for him, I don’t know, but I do know that “Care” will not benefit this child. And I also know that the vast majority of children should not be in “Care”, ethically or legally.  Naturally he will be shuffled off to a Residential “Care” facility, too far away for his parents to visit as no other facility could offer him the “security” he needs, as in locked doors and high fences so that they can “Care” for him.

Was the Police Officer wrong to threaten the mother that she should tell her child to cooperate and leave quietly? If the mother had told her son to leave, what message do you think the child would have taken from this? Is the mother a bad parent for not cooperating? You can clearly see the thinking here, everyone wants to decide for the child, but nobody but the mother wants to listen to him. He wants to go home.

In a few days this case will be forgotten, I might even get a court order to remove the story from my page. I can guarantee that the parents will be jailed this week in a Secret Court and nobody will hear anything about this child again. All the strong opinions of the keyboard warriors will amount to nothing as the video will quickly disappear from Facebook and this child will quickly be forgotten about like all the children in “Care”. Maybe in 10 or so years if you see a homeless youth begging on the streets, you could ask them if they were in “Care”? Of course you can ask any beggar on the street that question now…..


Should Disabled people be “allowed” to raise their own children?

Should a blind or deaf woman be allowed to keep her baby from birth? How about a woman with a low IQ? Cerebral Palsy? Religious Fundamentalist? Opposed to vaccines? Homeless? A 16 year old mother?

I’m sure some of you will be horrified that I am asking the question, but these are questions which social workers asked of judges. Not only have parents lost their children to foster “Care” for these reasons, many have also lost their children to Forced Adoption for even sillier reasons.

We often see the question; “Why not license the right to a child, we do it for dogs?” Are we really that far away from the State issuing licenses to get pregnant or to raise a child? Let’s not forget that China has already done this in an effort to reduce its population. The result was a whole generation of males and female babies killed or put up for adoption. What will happen when these boys grow up and want to start a family?

Eugenics has never worked. Although many think about the Lebensborn Program of Nazi Germany, Eugenics actually started in the USA with the concept that poverty or undesirable traits could be “bred out” of society by  preventing poor people from having children. Sociology is the new form of Eugenics. The theory is that social “Scientists”, have the ability to be able to control society. The reality is that Sociology has no history of excellence, there is no evidence of any social experiment having worked to the benefit of society, none, ever. Sociology is not “scientific” by any means or standard. The country of Japan dropped Sociology from its university curriculum, and bear in mind that Japan has the lowest crime rate of any country.

Many are starting to realise that the only value of Sociology is in advocacy. In Child “Protection”, the theory is that social workers intervene as Advocates, but have the weapon of Prosecutor of families if necessary. The reality is that there is no advocacy, social workers jump by default to take all children away. The false dogma of “damned if we do, damned if we don’t” eliminates any need to keep families together. Nobody gets damned for doing their job competently or acting within the law. The false narrative of social workers being persecuted for their successes is wearing thin. By playing the victim card, social workers draw people to their side, its an age-old strategy. They cite the Baby P case as evidence that social workers are persecuted, but seem to forget that it was their incompetence and inability to determine the correct intervention, that led to the death of Baby Peter. There were 60 visits to Baby Peters home by “Professionals”, 18 by social workers alone. To me this is proof-positive that social workers wouldn’t recognise child abuse and neglect if they sat in the livingroom 18 times and watched it happen, but didn’t see the threshold being met.

We should never accept the victim narrative at face value and flock to their side without first examining the evidence. Human Nature by default makes us take the side of the victim, but many times we are proven wrong on examination of the evidence. I have repeatedly stated that we need to take a Scientific Approach, especially to the Investigative Process.  There is nothing scientific in the approach taken by social workers in Child Protection matters. In fact social workers don’t even do investigations, they do “Assessments”.  By using flawed guidelines, we are asking social workers to do a job that nobody will ever be capable of. When you bear in mind that the vast majority of children are “care” on the basis of nothing more than future “risk”, you would have to agree with UK politician John Hemming, that; “this is the Thought Police” approach to protecting children.

Rather than removing babies at birth on future risk, why not help the parent or parents to raise their child? 50 years ago it would be unthinkable to remove the child of a disabled person, but now that the narrative that you can remove a child from “A” and give that child to “B” without consequences for the child, a false narrative, has taken over, many disabled people will lose their child. Worse yet, many children of disabled or less-abled parents will lose their parents. We need to stop thinking that children will survive “Care” or Adoption. The evidence is clear, children do better with parents and the State is the worst parent imaginable.




First, They Ignore You….

Then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. Gandhi

Over the years I have written many letters and emails to politicians, MPs, Senators, Congressmen, Legislators and Ministers. Many people say this is a waste of time, sometimes you get a reply and its rare that your efforts will get any result. I say do it anyway, there is a method to my madness.

If you carefully use the system to your advantage, you can put these people on notice of a problem or impending problem. Usually when a problem is exposed, the people who should have known better and prevented it, will be the first to plead ignorance and pretend they knew nothing. When the story emerges they will plead they knew nothing, but you have proof that they did know because you had informed them.

They will ignore you, but at their own peril. If they choose to ridicule you or fight you, at least your side of the story is coming out. In Ireland, it is virtually impossible to get accurate information and statistics. The secrecy with which the system operates allows the system to hide behind the law. In Ireland when a group of people protested the deaths of children in State “Care”, the Minister for Children asked the Child and Family Agency for a report on the deaths. The Minister was told this was none of his business, which technically was true. The Minister is not entitled to know about any case before the courts. This is still true today, so you have a situation where the top person in charge is oblivious of what the people in her department are doing.  There is no “Leadership” at the upper levels because the system and the law intended to protect the children involved also prevents any scrutiny and exposure of wrongdoing.

I advise people to complain to CPS. Many will say this is pointless because CPS will investigate CPS. I helped make a complaint against a manager and the person who investigated was the manager himself. Essentially the manager investigated investigated himself and found himself innocent of any wrongdoing. Later in court, the judge was handed the complaint and the findings by the manager. The fact the complainant followed the process completely turned the case around. The judge saw through the deception and could see that CPS were putting their own interest before the interests of the child. The system is a; “Self Protecting Ecosystem”.

One thing that has come up a lot lately is children showing up to “Contact” with obvious injuries. When the parent asks how the injuries occurred, they are told not to ask and not to pursue the matter as they are emotionally abusing the child and causing them emotional distress. Let me be very clear. If your child shows up with injuries, you must immediately call the Police to investigate. Under the laws of Ireland the Gardai (Irish Police), have the right to remove any child from anywhere if they reasonably believe the child to be in danger. The only caveat is that the danger to the child must be established. This is covered under Section 12 of the Childcare Act. Most countries have similar legislation. In any case, if there is evidence of abuse, regardless of the perpetrator, Police must investigate.

I know many parents who’s children died in State “Care”. All of them would advise you to call the Police if your child shows up with any evidence of injury. I know of cases where children died of neglect because their “Carers” didn’t act responsibly. I know of very few cases where these “Carers” were held accountable, mostly because of the secrecy involved.

Use every opportunity available to you. You have to play their game, on their turf by their rules but you can still beat them with their own incompetence. Make every report to every State Body and make sure you do it within the allowed time-frame, usually a year in most cases with few exceptions. Occasionally, someone will listen and champion your cause. When this happens, you will win your case because they fought you and lost.

If CPS and “Care” is ever to be reformed, it will only be because people fought for accountability.


In the absence of another explanation, we will keep your child in “Care”……

Can you imagine sentencing a man to death on the basis of;

  • The man can’t explain how the victim died
  • The man is not an Expert in the field of the subject he is accused of
  • The man offered an explanation but the prosecution sought witnesses who would disagree withe the defense expert witnesses
  • The experts on both sides examined the same material but came to different conclusions
  • One expert for the prosecution has a history of previously perjuring themselves and was responsible for miscarriages of justice where innocent people were convicted and later proved innocent
  • Where the entire case of the prosecution rests on nothing more that hearsay and circumstantial evidence?
  • I could go on and on with this list

Actually I know of a case where a man is on death row for a “crime” which Science has proven quite impossible and has offered a very plausible explanation which is supported by science. At the present time a judge is deciding if he deserves a new trial, despite all the controversy surrounding his case. His case is here at this link.

In normal circumstances, if you don’t have corrupt prosecutors and inept scientists, these cases would rarely happen given the scrutiny in a Criminal Court, but let’s be honest, they do happen, a lot. When you are up against the State, you might be up against 60 people working to prove you guilty and may only have a Public Defender on your side. A lawyer with little time and little resources, but occasionally they succeed. Justice is supposed to be predicated on the belief that 10 men should go free before 1 innocent man is convicted. Obviously that doesn’t happen.

Compare all this with Family Court.

  • Hearsay may be the only evidence used to take your children away
  • You are not entitled to full disclosure and may not see the evidence against you
  • You are guilty until you prove yourself innocent but will not be given the opportunity
  • The “Burden of Proof” is so low that you could lose your children forever on nothing more than suspicion, hearsay, or “evidence” that would not be allowed in an open court.
  • You will be gagged, twice. Once by the court under threat of prison if you say “anything to anybody”, and again by social services who will use your child as weapon against you and deny you access until you cooperate

I am reading an appeal at this minute which social services have based their case on nothing more than “in the absence of another explanation”. I have seen many of these cases before. In all the cases I have seen, Police investigated and no crime or evidence sufficient to prosecute, and still, the parents were punished with the removal of their children. Under the Human Rights Act, it states; “There shall be no Punishment without crime”, a colleague of mine Ian Josephs has been pointing this out since the 1960’s since he first took an interest in the topic of Child “Protection”.

Parents should be alarmed that on the whim of someone working for government, that you could lose your child forever. People could arrive at your home tomorrow and dictate to you how you should live and raise your child. Of course every case of child abuse or neglect must be investigated, but social workers are not trained in investigation and in fact don’t even do investigations, they do “Assessments”. If an inept or corrupt social worker has decided you will lose your child, there is  little you can do to prevent it. The normal rules of Justice and Law don’t apply.

This is not to say that CPS cannot be beaten, my colleagues have done it many times, unfortunately we cant discuss any case, but we can educate you.

I wrote a chapter in the book entitled “How’s that working for you Phil?” in which I mentioned TV Psychologist Dr Phil McGraw. Phil said he would rather see 1,000 children taken if it saves one child. This is the prevailing belief with Child “Protection”, not just Phils opinion. I mean no disrespect Phil, but taking 1,000 children is Child Abuse, however I don’t doubt your sincerity. Abusing 999 children and subjecting them to a horrendous experience will no doubt cause many of them to suffer PTSD. Many of these children will never return home even though their parents have done no wrong. The child and the parents will be left brutalized by their experience. Those children who don’t return home will be dumped on the street on their 18th birthday. Taking 1,000 children to find the 1 abused child also makes the system 999 times more expensive than it needs to be.

In the absence of another explanation Phil, how’s that workin for ya?


Persecution Strategies of Social Workers

In Sweden, where Family Courts are not secret, where parents are not gagged, a Social Worker wrote an excellent paper on the topic of how parents are persecuted by social workers. When it was written, it was widely circulated by victims of Child Protective Services (CPS), but didn’t create many shock waves in the Social “Care” Industry itself. The 106 page report can be read or downloaded here by clicking this link. 

In my own experience and that of my colleagues, I see an insane pattern in cases that repeats and repeats;

  • Take the child from the parents
  • Lie, cheat and steal, exaggerate, perjure yourself, distort facts to make them more damning against the parent
  • Tell the child the parents are bad people
  • Alienate the child from their parents and siblings over a period of time
  • Lie to the Foster “Carer” and tell them the child was horribly abused to get them on your side. If they ask why aren’t the parents in jail for child abuse and neglect, move all children from that home
  • Tell the children their parents don’t love them, initiate Stockholm Syndrome in the child so that they feel helpless and make them dependent on you. Tell them they are never going “home”, this is your new home
  • Avoid reporting any crimes by the parents or foster “carers”, to Police. Once a crime is being investigated, social workers lose all control of the case and cannot coach the child or manipulate the parents
  • Delay, delay and delay. Keep the child in “Care” as long as possible. Demand reports from experts who are on your side and will write damning reports to keep the children. Stall for time as much as possible to alienate the child from their parents
  • Cut Contact and Visitation with the parents as much as possible over time. Call the parents a few hours before contact to tell them that contact is cancelled because your Social “Care” driver or supervisor is not available. Tell them the child has a routine doctor or dentist visit. Every moment the child spends with the parents reinforces the love between the family, your goal is to break up the family
  • When sufficient time has passed, tell the judge that the children are happy in their new home and removing them from “Care” would cause further harm to separate them now
  • Once you have successfully alienated the child, it is time to remove the parents rights, a Full Care Order or Forced Adoption is in order.

A colleague of mine has just written a book for parents which is basically a “How to get your children back manual”. It will be very interesting reading given some of the cases he and his partner have been involved in. I hope Darren will write a guest blog for us and when the book comes out we will help promote it.

Most people believe that Child Protection is working, this is the public perception. It is only when social workers show up at your door that most people will realize that everything they previously believed about Law and Justice no longer applies. When they arrive, you realize you are way out of your depth and your previously held belief that you were living in a reasonably free and democratic society has dissipated in the space of a few minutes. Make no mistake, you are in an “Alternate Universe” and you are in for the fight of your life. Most people who fall afoul of the system are left damaged, broke and broken by the process.

To understand what you are up against would take many months of study just to get your head around this. This is why I wrote the Secret Courts book, so that people who are unaware of how the system operates know most of their rights and obligations and how to deal with these cases. I hope Darrens book is widely read so people are prepared before-hand. To read the article I shared above would take hours to understand. I’m told that my book takes days to read.

I didn’t write the book to “preach to the converted”, victims of CPS have a very good handle on their situation, but most if not all will tell you they wish they knew what they were up against beforehand. My book and others on the topic are not “romance novels”, they are not easy reading and many will avoid frightening themselves. The people who really need to read this type of book is legislators, judges and lawyers. I have made it clear in the book that above all, I would hold judges, especially in the lower courts, responsible for their actions which harm children. If you don’t want to read the book, please donate it to a library or give it to a judge. Change begins with Understanding, fore-warned is fore-armed.


Scientism, the “Religion” of Science

I have always been fascinated with the concept that two psychologists could examine the same patient and have diametrically opposed views on the same patient, especially in court. One will appear for the prosecution and one for the defense. What fascinates me about it, is that working as a Mechanic/Technician/Engineer, when you are called in to solve a problem, there may be many schools of thought at the beginning of the process of Problem Solving, everyone is in agreement by the time the machine or tool is up and running.

Of course, machines even as complex as “Rocket Science” machines, are nowhere near as complex as Human Beings. But still, I have seen time and time again how Physicians and Psychologists can have bitter disagreements, whereas Engineers, Mathematicians and Statisticians will come to a consensus given the opportunity to work it out between then. This is especially true when they are given the opportunity to solve a problem which relies on quantifiable and repeatable experiments. However, if left to work as separate groups, they will both likely fail.

A trend we have seen in the last decade, is where even Scientists disagree.  Look at the Global Warming, sorry, Climate Change debate, and people will tell you on either side that there is no debate, both sides will claim “Settled Science”. If you disagree you are a “Skeptic”, a “Denier” or a downright Conspiracy Theorist. Lately we have seen people of strong Faith on the Climate Change issue for “Deniers” to be jailed. Personally I wouldn’t want to live in a world where you could be jailed for beliefs. I would defend the right of anyone to believe anything they want with one caveat, that they are not harming anyone.

One lesson that could be gleaned from this is don’t hire a Climate Change Scientist to repair your Washing Machine,  Ion Implanter, Vehicle or Hadron Collider. You could end up in jail if you disagree with their opinion, and they’ll probably not be able to repair it. What we are witnessing is the demise of Science. Galileo was a renowned Conspiracy Theorist. He insisted that the Earth could not be flat. When he spoke out he was branded a heretic by the Church, who at the time were the ultimate authority on everything including Science. If the Church had not existed, Galileo would still be branded a “Denier” by other scientists at the time. This is not a pattern repeating itself, up to this point in history, everyone believed the Earth to be flat and nobody had any reason, except Galileo, to believe otherwise. We know now that we cant go back to the day when Scientific Theory was dictated by Religion. And yet this is where Science is headed, if you go against the dogma you are a “Heretic”.  So why are people in complete disagreement even though they have examined the same evidence?

We can go a little further into the issue by looking at the fact that one group “believe” that God created the Earth and that we all descended from Adam and Eve 6,000 years ago. Even when you point out scientific fact to some people, for example, the issue that every human on Earth came from Eve, who had 3 sons, and yet there are Asians, Caucasians and Africans? There many other issues with this belief, you will find their faith in their belief is unshakable. Again, I have to say I have no issue with people believing anything they want, as long as nobody is harmed. Religion is a good thing for society in general, but if your Deity tells you to kill others, then you need to find a new Deity.

In Science, everything is a theory. The theory relies on constant questions and debate, even attack. In the Peer Review process the scientist puts the theory out there for all to see. In science, there are no stupid questions, anyone is allowed to ask a question without being labelled a Conspiracy Theorist. Sure, there will be idiotic questions and actual conspiracy theorists making connections that don’t exist. But, when they post their theory and allow peer review, their theory is either bolstered or dismissed. Usually the people who will resort to ad hominen attacks are the conspiracy theorists.

What I have come to realise is that many people act on their feelings rather than thinking out the problem or even thinking before speaking. Over a decade ago a Psychologist pointed out that if we raise children to believe they are equal or superior to others, if we don’t teach children that there are consequences to their actions, if we fight their battles for them and tell them they are special, that we are likely to see a “Spoiled Generation”. His prophetic message has come to pass.

Dr Aric Sigman, although he will probably never be credited for it, predicted the current generation  we see, particularly in universities, who become offended at the least little thing, even if they are not the victim. The rise of “Safe Spaces”, Political Correctness, support for failed ideologies such as Marxism, Stalinists, Socialism, and people who generally don’t fit well in society, should be more than apparent. We have mothers calling employers about their children, just as they bullied the child’s school teacher. We have a generation who feel “entitled” to everything without having to compete. We have many, but not all young people, who were constantly told they were special, but are extremely disillusioned that others are surpassing them in every aspect of life. Some are very angry with their parents, who didn’t prepare them for real life.

We are now seeing these people in positions of power and making decisions for you and me. It’s a scary thought, but a young social worker may arrive on your doorstep and have the power to make life-altering decisions for you and your family. With Political Correctness and equal rights and other changes we have made over the years, this young woman (in 85% of cases), came from a university and was taught Socialism or Marxism from professors who have little connection with the “Real World” most of us live in. If they had to survive outside their ivory towers, most would struggle, they have no proven ability in many cases, except as an “Academics”. She had a diploma and the necessary qualifications, so it doesn’t matter she has no children of her own, or no real life-experience, she was given the job because she had the necessary qualifications. And she’s going to make decisions for and about your children.

To compound the problem with this Social Worker, she is trained in a discipline which is not scientific and has no proven history of excellence. I am a big fan of Science and applying scientific principles to every endeavor in life. For me there must be measurable and demonstrable benefit in everything. To apply this standard of quality in courts, we would never see two Psychologists having diametrically opposed opinions on the same patient. The solution to this in courts is simple, only allow Forensic Psychologists to testify. A Clinical Psychologist at best can only offer an opinion, where a Forensic Psychologists give the patient a barrage of tests in which they are compared to the general population. Of course there will be the “Whores of Court” that sell their soul to the highest bidder, usually the government, and will repeat any lie you want for enough money.  Psychologist Margaret Hagen wrote a book entitled “Whores of Court” which until recently, was free to download from her website. Another study by Dr Jane Ireland also looked at the use of experts in Family Court in the UK and found that 70% were not qualified.

I have to wonder sometimes how far we have advanced as a civilization when so many field of endeavor are actually going backwards. We have of course advanced, people are living longer these days and many diseases are curable or treatable because of advances we have made, mostly by scientific means. While there have been a few positive strides in Psychology, and a few retrograde, Psychologists cannot claim to have “cured” a single patient, ever. This is not to say that Psychology has no value, a skilled therapist can save lives just as sure as an Emergency Physician or Surgeon. Psychology and Psychiatry have gone retrograde with many Psychologist and Psychiatrists criticizing their own profession and the turns it has taken recently. For example; every Human Emotion is now listed as a “Disorder”. Many have rejected the DSM latest edition.

The problem I see with Psychology and Psychiatry, is that they have never embraced Science. Both being part of Medicine, which in itself is not scientific, have relied too heavily on theorists rather than science. For most Psychologists, you are either Freudian or Jungian and subscribe to one school of thought over the other. Science exists independent of the scientist. Science doesn’t care what you or Sigmund Freud or Carl Jung thinks, it just exists. Every scientific theory must remain a theory and be challenged on a regular basis if we are to advance as humans. The experiment that water boils at 100*C at Atmospheric Pressure may one day be dis-proven, this is as it should be. Perhaps one day a scientist will change our understanding of the process and this will lead to new advancements.

These days “Consensus” means something different from what it once meant. If you don’t “believe” in Global Warming, you are not part of the consensus and must be ridiculed and your reputation burned at the proverbial stake, this is not how Science works.  No “Denial” is acceptable, no questions are possible with this new Religion of Science.

They say that you should never bring up a problem without suggesting a solution. I honestly don’t have any solutions. I have struggled for years to understand this, and while I have filled in a few blanks, I am still a long way off. Perhaps if schools taught children from a young age how the scientific process works, people would be a bit more “Scientific” in their thinking? One thing I learned is that many people go through life without thinking, hardly at all. The ones who excel in school and college are those who can assimilate information and repeat it, often without really understanding what they are talking about. People who drive cars on “Autopilot” are more likely to have a collision because they are not “Driving Defensively”, and not thinking.

I took a third-level Psychology course in Teaching & Learning, at the time I worked as an instructor. The tutor told me to read chapters 1, 3, 5, 7 and skip 2, 4, 6, 8. I was so captivated by the subject of Psychology that I read everything, and have continued for years. One fascinating thing I learned was a topic called “Over-Learning”. This is where you have done something so many times that you don’t need to think about it, eating, drinking or driving are some examples. The part of your brain that processes these tasks operates very much like a computer. When I studied this, I learned to play guitar in a week. I had struggled for years with guitars and instructors and couldn’t play a note, when I learned “How” to learn a repetitive skill I could I learn so much faster. I have since taught hundreds of people to play, absolute beginners, and all could play a complete song from start to finish in less than an hour.

If a guitarist or any musician wanted to play a complex piece and had to make their fingers respond to what their brain is thinking, their fingers couldn’t respond rapidly enough. You must over-learn each piece and there are a few tricks to know, most importantly, when you make a mistake, stop and go back to the beginning, otherwise you have programmed the wrong thing into you brain’s “Computer”. Ever notice how you make the same mistake over and over in the same place every time? It is also necessary to program your left hand separately from your right hand, and then put the two together. Musicians will tell you that practice makes perfect, but now you understand the psychological process.

The reason I mention this is because too many people operate on “Autopilot” and we all suffer from it in some ways. People not thinking and reasoning out problems will resort to “Cut & Paste” solutions. It worked in the past so they do it by default. Bad drivers have taken a drink before driving and never had a problem until they had a collusion. Police arrest a suspect because he has tattoo’s or uses cannabis, there is a certain mindset or certain modus operandi because they do this every day and have over-learned the process. The problem is that many times they get it wrong. I was reading about a murder and 18 people were arrested and questioned. Obviously only 1 person committed the murder, but they arrested 17 innocent people to get their suspect. It also took 17 times longer to arrest that suspect and the process costs 17 times more than it should. If the process or the experiment is flawed to begin with, so will be the results.

Albert Einstein gave us a wonderful gift, he said; “to repeat the same experiment over and over again and expect different results every time, is Insanity”. Not following a scientific approach to everything we do is insanity. Turning Science into a Religion based on Faith and Belief is Insanity. Governments relying on unscientific Sociology to try to control society is Insanity. Courts using Clinical Psychologists instead of Forensic Psychologists is Insanity. Courts allowing untrained Doctors to express opinions on Forensic matters is Insanity. Social Workers claiming they can predict future risk of children, and then place these children at far higher risk is Insanity. The signs & symptoms of this insanity are easy to spot if you know what you are looking for. When people are so fixed in their beliefs or dogma that they wont be swayed by evidence, you are dealing with a form of Insanity. The term Cognitive Dissonance explains what is happening, but it doesn’t explain why or how to “cure” a person suffering from it.

Maybe it’s time we listened to Einstein?